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Here is an all too familiar scenario: You need to serve someone a court document because they are the defendant in a case. You might also need to serve them a subpoena. Moreover, you might want to serve divorce papers to your spouse. Of these various reasons why you might need to locate someone, what do you then do when they are nowhere to be found? You find skip tracing services. However, you probably don’t have any idea of skip tracing prices. You might also not know how to find a skip tracer. This is where we come in. ELN Investigations is the best skip tracing agency in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas. We work out of a desire to make life easier for the residents of Texas. No matter who you are in Texas, our services are available for you. We serve residents in:

  • Dallas County, TX
  • Collin County, TX
  • Denton County, TX
  • Tarrant County, TX

Skip Tracer

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Wherever you are in the Dallas, TX area, our skip tracing agency will help you find that individual you are looking for. When we locate them, you will be able to serve them the document you need to. We don’t only locate individuals. We also locate companies. It does not matter if they have changed residence. We will find them. It also does not matter if they are in hiding, our expert skip tracer will locate them for you. Our skip tracers are professionals in the field of finding people. Our lead investigator is an ex-cop and a licensed lawyer. He is also a licensed private investigator. We also have a former naval officer on our team. Apart from these, we have an experienced field handyman, who is proficient in surveillance. All told, our skills will deliver the best possible outcome for your case.

Skip Tracing Prices

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If you wonder whether skip tracing prices are worth it, think of why you need a skip tracer in the first place. No matter the amount you pay for a competent skip tracer, it is nothing compared to the value of the information you will get.

We have a stellar reputation from University Park to Irving. We are a top-notch skip tracing agency with cost-effective skip tracing prices and optimal results. Our team seeks to give clients the highest possible value for their money. We let you understand the costs behind the bill given to you. As a transparent organization, we will give you the honest cost for your search. With us, you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees popping up. For a fair price, you will get the current residential address of the subject. We will also give you the present business address when applicable. Another thing we will give you is the currently active phone number of your search subject.

Skip Tracing Agency

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From DeSoto to Duncanville, TX, ELN Investigations cares about getting the job done. We also offer more than fair skip tracing prices compared to our performance. This agency was created out of the desire to help people get the job done in a faster and more efficient way. We use the information you provide to track down the person or individual of interest. Our agency uses details such as name, age (exact or approximate), physical description, and last known address or general area. If you also know other details such as hobbies, places of interest, or the likes for an individual, tell us. Such information will help speed up the search. Also, if it’s a company, information such as the service they provide will be useful in tracking them down. Don’t hesitate when you need a skip tracer. Reach out to us and find the accurate information you need.


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ELN Investigations is a private investigations company based in Dallas, Texas. Our company was founded in 2017 by three highly skilled investigators. We believe you deserve to know the truth. Therefore, we provide extensive research and information finding services to our clients.

We are on a mission to bring clarity to complicated situations through discrete, efficient, and professional investigative services.

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