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You might need to deliver legal documents to an individual or a company. But you also need this done following due process. So, you look into ways of doing that. You then discover that you need to use the services of a process server. However, you don’t know anyone nearby. So, you run a search for ‘process server near me’. ELN investigations LLC is the best private investigator process server in Collins, TX, and its surrounding areas. We have a fair and straightforward process server cost. We are also licensed and certified. So, you can be sure that you can legally hire us as your process server.

We founded our company in 2017 because we want to make legal proceedings easier for the people of Texas. Our private investigator process server team is the best in town.

Process Server Near Me

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Your search for ‘process server near me’ is over. At ELN Investigations we have the best value for money private investigator process server cost in Texas. Our services cover several counties in the state of Texas. We are available in:

  • Collin County, TX
  • Dallas County, TX
  • Denton County, TX
  • Tarrant County, TX

With us, you have the advantage of proximity. As you already know, we are located in Texas. So, whenever you need our services, you can get us on the case the same day. You can easily walk into our office and contact our staff. You can also place a call to us and expect us to be with you that very day. If you have a valid address, then we will get your process served as soon as all formalities have been covered. We are not just some company whose results you can not be sure of. From Plano, TX to Frisco, TX, we are available to serve you. Our clients are within your arm’s reach, so you can easily verify the quality of our work.

Process Server Cost

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We are the best option for you when it comes to reliable process servers. So if you want a fair process server cost that will give you the maximum value, reach out to us. We will make sure your legal document gets to the appropriate person. We will also provide proof that the document was delivered. So, if the defendant tries to deny receiving the summons, you have evidence to prove they did. We do this because we are a company that believes in providing professional services to our clients. Just another way that ELN Investigations serves our clients better than anyone else.

Private Investigator Process Server

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Clearly, you can see that you no longer need to search for a ‘process server near me’. Additionally, we are also a skip tracer team. So, we can help you locate your defendant in case they are trying to evade the court papers. That way you can be sure your documents reach the appropriate person.

Contact ELN Investigations today and get high-quality service. You can place a phone call to us for a free consulting session. You can also send us an email if you prefer. Another way to reach us is via the ‘contact us’ button on this website. However, if you prefer face to face communications, you can always walk into our office. We would love to provide you with the superior legal and investigative services that you deserve. Our team makes our clients the top priority for each and every case that we take. Contact us today.


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ELN Investigations is a private investigations company based in Dallas, Texas. Our company was founded in 2017 by three highly skilled investigators. We believe you deserve to know the truth. Therefore, we provide extensive research and information finding services to our clients.

We are on a mission to bring clarity to complicated situations through discrete, efficient, and professional investigative services.

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