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There are many reasons why you might need to perform a background check. If you are in Dallas County, TX or any part of Texas, ELN Investigations is here for you. We are the solution to your search for ‘background checks near me’. When we work for you, thoughts of other background check companies will never cross your mind. Our background check services are the best around because we will not stop until we dig up the truth. When you also compare our background check cost to that of other companies, you will realize ours is the fairest. ELN Investigations will help you discover the truth about your person of interest.

Background Check Companies

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When you are about to hire an employee, you might want to know the kind of person they are. This might lead you to search for background check companies. Hence, the search for ‘background checks near me’. We offer the best background check services in the whole of Texas. We will help you look into all available public records for more information about your potential employee. So, you will have more information at your disposal to make the best decision. We can also help you run checks about off-record information on the potential employee. This will save you from ending up with a criminal as your nanny. This can also save you from the pain of having a thief as your house cleaner. With our background check services, you can have peace of mind with whoever you employ, knowing they have been vetted.

We offer our services to the following counties in Texas:

  • Dallas County, TX
  • Collin County, TX
  • Denton County, TX
  • Tarrant County, TX

Background Checks Near Me

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If you want to reduce your background check cost, then using background check services by a local company is a good idea. So, you might search for ‘background checks near me’ to know the background check companies nearby. Moreover, having someone that sounds like an out-of-towner asking for sensitive information might put people off. So, it is to your advantage to have ELN Investigations work for you. This way, you can get more accurate information about your person
of interest.

When professionals conduct your background check you can be sure your new employee won’t pose a safety threat. Skilled background check services also help you ensure you are not hiring a liability. You can also check to see if their values match that of your company. That way, you won’t end up with someone whose values conflicts with that of your organization.

Background Check Cost

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Another time you need background check services is when you want to rent out your property. You will be better off knowing more about your potential tenant. It will be advantageous to you if you know their history with the law. This is not about discrimination, but you don’t want a chronic defaulter in payments as your tenant. So, you want to know what you are walking into.

For a fair background check cost, we will help you determine whether your potential employee or tenant has a history of chronic drug use. We can also help you check whether they repeatedly clash with the law, so you don’t get your reputation stained. Confirming the identity and education status of your employee also boosts your peace of mind. You can put your mind to rest knowing your employee is actually qualified to handle what they said they can. You also don’t have to worry about your operations taking a hit because of a case of identity fraud.

Still having doubts? Call us for a free consulting session. Reach out to us today to book your background check. Your peace of mind will be well worth it.


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