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ELN Investigations is the best private investigation firm in Texas. We help you bring clarity to complicated situations. We do this through discrete, efficient, and professional investigations. Also, if you want the best Dallas, TX process server, then you should reach out to us. We are a more than just your regular private investigator team. We are a collection of seasoned professionals out to help you. So if you are in Dallas, TX, or anywhere in Texas, this message is for you. This is because you might need to run background checks on someone. You might also need an infidelity investigator to confirm or deny your fears. Also, you might need some help with criminal investigations. So, you realize you need the best private investigator Dallas has to offer.

ELN Investigations was created out of the desire to give people better service when it comes to investigations. We founded this company in 2017 after brainstorming on how to give more to the people of Texas. With our team, you get the knowledge and experience of a former police officer, the experience of a former naval officer and a professional handyman with years of field experience. Moreover, when you choose us to be your private investigators, you choose the perks that come with a licensed lawyer being on your side.

Background Checks

Choose the private investigator, Dallas, TX, has come to respect. Let us run your background checks for you. When we handle your background checks we will go through both private and public sources. We will leave no stone unturned in finding out about the subject you give us. Our team will comb through private and public databases to find out information. We will also conduct discrete interviews into the subject’s life. So, when we come to give you a clean sheet, you will know the person is truly clean. We do this to give you peace of mind. So, when you have dealings with someone, you can be confident and have no worries.

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Infidelity Investigator

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Select the best infidelity private investigator in Dallas, TX.  Let us conduct a search for you to confirm or deny your fears. You should not go ahead and file for a divorce without knowing the absolute truth. You also should not stay in your marriage without peace of mind regarding your spouse’s fidelity. This is why you should choose one of us to be your infidelity investigator. Whenever you have doubts about your significant other’s faithfulness, reach out to us. You will find out that this is better than spending your time worrying. The peace of mind will also significantly impact your health. This is why we are in business: to help. So, contact us for a free consultation and we will help you clarify the situation.

Criminal Investigations

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ELN Investigations is the private investigator Dallas, TX, has come to rely on. We also provide criminal investigations as part of our services. If you or your lawyers need to shed more light on criminal investigations, we are the ones to help. We will conduct an investigation to determine what truly happened. We will also conduct interviews and examine the crime scene. Our lead investigator is a licensed lawyer. so, you can expect the knowledge to be an added advantage to you. This is because we know the right questions to ask to help the case. The legal background also means we will not overlook things that others might overlook.

Dallas, TX Process Server

dallas tx process server

The most efficient Dallas, TX process server is at your service. As your licensed process server, we will ensure you follow due process in notifying those involved in your court case. We assist law firms in filing court papers and retrieving legal documents. We also help you serve legal documents to the people you need them delivered to. Hire the best Dallas, TX process server today. While you’re at it, get the best private investigator Dallas has on your side. Make your life easier by hiring us for cases in:

  • Collin County, TX
  • Dallas County, TX

We are available for contact via phone, emails, the ‘contact us’ button, and by simply walking into our office. Reach out to us right now for your free consulting session.


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ELN Investigations is a private investigations company based in Dallas, Texas. Our company was founded in 2017 by three highly skilled investigators. We believe you deserve to know the truth. Therefore, we provide extensive research and information finding services to our clients.

We are on a mission to bring clarity to complicated situations through discrete, efficient, and professional investigative services.

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